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Jul. 11th, 2010

beautiful contemplation

i'm not posting much

and i am sorry

i do keep up with your all's journals and read about everything and do truly care about what is going on in your lives. day to day life for me has been difficult. i tried to get into a counsellor at the request of my ob, but they never called me back to schedule an appt. the pregnancy is going well, but is incredibly draining. the babies look good but are HUGE for their gestational age. having machi home this summer has been "interesting" and potty training has been horrible. he is getting more communicative though and really tries to have conversations and is getting so much better communicating wants and needs. cady is being checked for malabsorption (various types) i've been slacking in getting the stool samples though because....well......ew. i really don't feel up to trying to collect her poop for these three tests....plus i have no way to get the samples to the lab...

gucci is healing well. she's taking life slower, more calmly and can no longer jump onto the couch, bed, or the car, but otherwise seems to be the same old gucci. eta....i forgot to mention she was hit by a car and dragged by the undercarriage...my kids saw and talk about it constantly....i also saw and still have nightmares about it...but she is better and that's what matters.

Mar. 1st, 2010

beautiful contemplation


i'm 13wks pregnant with twins.

nope not planned. scared shitless, shocked, nervous, intrigued, but hey if it had to happen to anyone of course it was going to be me.

don't worry folks, i already have scheduled getting my tubes tied.

Jan. 2nd, 2010

beautiful contemplation

you know sometimes i feel bad posting

i feel like all i do is post about bad things or complain, and i know that no one wants to hear about that. i guess that's why i havent posted in a while. things havent been going all to well. there's too much going on so i am going to just post some positives instead

things i am grateful for:
1. machi starts the full day/5 day a week autism program at his local elementary school.
2. we have possibly zoned into the reason for his delays/autism, just need to do a few more tests
3. cady's starting to become the real chatterbox, loves to pretend to be a mommy
4. john is going to be working from home more, that means i can see him more.
5. i'm loving owning my yarn store
6. my dog
7. 2010 cant be worse than 2009
8. we are focusing on fixing up the house more
9. i am knitting stuff for MEEEEE
10. we have a vacation to save up for

Nov. 17th, 2009

beautiful contemplation

so we had a car accident

2 blocks from our house of all things.

an idiot 19yo tried to gun it out of the food lion parking lot and hit me. my airbags went off and the windshield shattered (thanks for the plastic safety stuff that holds it all in) and the insurance said my car will probably be totaled (boooooo.) The kids were fine and I just ended up with a bump on my cheekbone where it meets the ear. it hurts, but it wasnt serious enough for the emt to think i needed to go to the er thankfully. i figure if its still tender in a few days I will have my PCP check it out. machi was so upset during all this. he kept trying to run out into the street to "machi's car" then broke into all out sobs when the tow truck took the car away. poor baby.

john left work early to help us and the police said the other driver was at fault (of course) we slapped down $600 on new carseats (yuck) but have the receipts to send to insurance. i don't like the new carseat covers. i think i am going to put the old carseat covers on, same model so shouldn't be an issue.

if they do total the car, we will not be able to buy another for a while. that means that i will be again stuck at home all the time. sucks cause i have enjoyed being able to just take the kids grocery shopping or to playdates, etc. that's definitely going to be difficult to grocery shop now.

i guess i have to learn stick now :/ really wish john had gotten an automatic instead.

Nov. 10th, 2009

beautiful contemplation

i am getting a night out

to see a play.

OMFG i am getting to see a play! squee! i've missed you theatre!

Nov. 4th, 2009

beautiful contemplation

hi LJ

I took a much needed break for a while, but am going to try to start writing again.

so really quick since machi sounds like he is heading for a tantrum:

1. is learning to count (CAN count to 3 now, but prefers to just count 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, etc)
2. is working on colors - yellow, green, red, white. gets them right 50% of the time
3. doing aba therapy with him on my own and seeing MUCH improvement
4. working with the ot and the behav. psych, he really likes them (especially the swing and slide at the ots)
5. iep coming up on the 13th, have hired an advocate

1. has learned the word elevator or "aelv a or"
2. has fallen in love with cars, trains, and carrying around purses
3. is starting to eat more (yay!)
4. goes in for genetic testing tomorrow
5. is working on nightweaning

1. is running a new d&d game
2. still shooting weddings, etc
3. still owns his RED biz
4. has been around lately which has been wonderful

1. closed babyMACH
2. opened Pulling at Strings
3. bought a new dress, shoes, and makeup. its time to start feeling pretty again
4. has finally caught up to the current season of the office
5. has started watching the first season of lost
6. really wants to start acting again.
7. also has a 1q44 deletion like machi, but at different nucleotide positions

Sep. 27th, 2009

beautiful contemplation

(no subject)

so in a week or two i get to find out if my eggs are fucked and whether or not cady needs to get tested...

machi goes in for his ADOS on tuesday and his mri to look for brain abnormalities the week after.

he had his post op - has a tympanoplasty scheduled for nov 23, we are waiting on dates for the cat scan of the ear and the tympanoplasty with possible mastoidectomy.

cady is night weaning

and more later when i have some time to sit down

Aug. 29th, 2009

beautiful contemplation

well this was an interesting past few days

Machi had an episode of post tonsillectomy bleeding so the on call ENT told us to take him to the er, who then transferred machi to john's hopkins. they treated him for dehydration and kept him overnight for observation. He scabbed over and is on a soft diet for another two weeks.

my mom kept cady over night that night so we started night weaning. i know john's been asking for this for a while and i need to be getting more sleep, but i miss snuggling with her in bed. For now I am nursing her to sleep and putting her down on her mattress in the kids room. Then I dont nurse her again until we are going to be getting up for the day. Night two wasnt too bad, John went in whenever she cried (never for more than 15min.) I am hoping John gets home from his wedding tonight before she wakes up for the first time. I am petrified that if its me going in there, she just wont stop crying. John will be here until Monday night or tuesday morning. Not sure which. I'd love for her to be nightweaned then, but that may be wishful thinking. No clue how she will react when its me (the walking pair of nahnahs) going in there to get her back to sleep

Aug. 22nd, 2009

beautiful contemplation

posting! *shock*

machi's tonsils came out tuesday as well as his adenoids. he's recovering well, much quicker than john and i did. he will have to have an additional 2 surgeries (tympanoplasties) over the next few months to close up the holes in his ear drums. I am a bit nervous about these since the wound is left open so a hematoma doesnt form. i know machi, he will totally rip the bandage off which encases the cup to collect the fluid.

did i mention he had a seizure? he did. we are going in for a sleep deprivation eeg on monday and then a sedated mri (have to wait a month after his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy though.

we also have his ADOS scheduled. this is the all important to confirm autism test. once we have the results the school cannot keep screwing him over with hours like they have been. speaking of which school starts on wednesday for him.

he has started behavioral modification therapy. he goes every other week on tuesdays (his day off from school.) we are currently working on teaching him not to elope, and working on lessening the amt and length of tantrums. I need to finish creating the charts though so we can provide him the visual stimuli.

he also had an ot eval, which showed tons of delays. we are going to be doing outpatient therapy with him (which i guess i will schedule in the after noons after the behavioral psychology appts) and that will leave 2 weekdays a month for him to just have off and not worry about school or appts. that is the hope atleast.

we are just waiting on the results from the genetic testing now.....

cady is doing well. she's quite the individual and has a very strong personality. Very much the starlet, wanting to be the center of attention. currently her favorite things are the itsy bitsy spider and learning to use utensils, and sitting at the table in her booster seat instead of the highchair. her favorite word still seems to be "no"

i have been spackle-ing the stupid house (its neverending) and working on decluttering. it seems like each time i make progress it just gets covered with more clutter. i also have been knitting up a storm. yes. i am that boring

Jul. 24th, 2009

beautiful contemplation

since yall are probably wondering how i am

im ok. im cranky lol

i am off the big pain meds and on the extra strength tylenol, and that's added to my crankyness.

john has been coming over to my parent's house everyday after work which i love.

i want to eat so bad, but it hurts.

i was so happy i ate 3/4c of soup for dinner. woooooooo. i've lost 5.5lbs so far. hoping not too loose anymore. james is picking me up some soft serve icecream. i am hoping to god i can eat some.

pudding and applesauce are horrible choices for post tonsillectomy food. i've been living off of tofu smoothies, jello, ensure, and soup. my mom made me have a pancake yesterday. it took and hour to eat and afterwards i hurt so bad i couldnt eat anything the rest of the day. *sighs* cannot wait for this recovery period to be over.

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